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Whimp the Bold (Current Demo)

Whimp the Bold is here and ready for you to try out! Make your way through a tutorial, two levels, and a miniboss while you hunt for 3 collectable pages and 1 collectable enemy. As always, please report any bugs or crashes with as much information as possible. Thanks, and enjoy!

This game supports controller and keyboard, but only keyboard rebinding is supported. In-game key prompts currently display keyboard inputs.

Keyboard Controls (Remappable in-game):

Arrow Keys to move

Space to jump, hold to hover

Z to absorb

X to advance text

Esc to pause

 Controller bindings (not remappable yet) are given for XBox/PS4 :

A/Cross : Jump

X/Square: Attack

RT/R2: Absorb

LS: Move

START: Pause


The game window, key bindings, and volume controls can all be accessed from the Pause Options menu. F8 can be used to toggle fullscreen.


Whimp the Bold DD18.03.zip 14 MB


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I really enjoyed the demo. It has a nice Kirby-feeling and - at the moment - has the right difficulty and already some nice variety of enemies :) The first boss fight is already interesting :) Can't wait to see more!

I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback, hoping to crank up the variety even more soon!

I'm really digging the music here. Did you compose it yourself? It's excellent.

Thanks, I'm so glad to hear that! Yeah I've done it all myself. The next demo will have another song for the miniboss.

I'm still trying to learn how to create good sounds and mix, I'm pretty terrible at it right now