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Whimp the Bold DD14

Whimp is back with a new boss to face off against!

Default Controls (Remappable in-game):

Arrow Keys to move, double tap to run

Space to jump, hold to hover

Z to absorb

X to advance text

Esc to pause

Very basic controller functionality is available, though not fully tested or recommended yet. Controller bindings (not remappable yet) are (given for a XBox/PS4) :

A/Cross : Jump

X/Square: Attack

RT/R2: Absorb

LS: Move


The game window, key bindings, and volume controls can all be accessed from the Pause Options menu


Going up against the Great Zuff (miniboss) can be tough when you're just Whimp. But rumor has it that when his cloud is homing in on you, it can even hit Zuff himself...

More information

Published112 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2d-platformer, Pixel Art


Whimp the Bold DD14.35.zip (13 MB)


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I'm really digging the music here. Did you compose it yourself? It's excellent.

Thanks, I'm so glad to hear that! Yeah I've done it all myself. The next demo will have another song for the miniboss.

I'm still trying to learn how to create good sounds and mix, I'm pretty terrible at it right now