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While the master wizard is away, the apprentice will play! Use your magic to prevent the falling blocks from filling the room.

Aim your magic to teleport to and destroy falling blocks. Don't get crushed or you'll be rendered helpless for a brief penalty. String moves together without touching the ground to increase your combo and your range - Go for a high score!


Red blocks are hazards that will always hurt you

Up Arrow blocks increase the game speed when they land

Down Arrow blocks decrease the game speed when they land

Magic and wall sliding leave you susceptible to being crushed


[GAMEPAD IS RECOMMENDED (but not required)]:

A,D/LStick - Move

Space/A Button - Jump

Click/RT and release - Teleportation Magic

Mouse/LStick - Aim

Push against wall in midair - Wall Slide

Escape/Start - Pause

Change Screen Size - F

Thanks for playing, feedback always appreciated!

Music: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Rolemusic/~/Neoakushon

[This game was originally made for Gamemaker: Studio 2 BetaJam 2. It was ported back to GM:S 1 to allow for a public release as I only have a trial version of GM:S 2. Perhaps in the future I'll polish this into a little retail release...]


Apprentris.zip 5 MB

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