A downloadable demo for Windows

[This is an old build, you're looking for https://attaboy.itch.io/whimp-the-bold]

The first ever demo for Whimp the Bold! I may have missed agdg Demo Day X by 40 minutes (darn you time zones!), but here it is, in its unpolished glory! Please leave feedback, the purpose of releasing this demo is to improve for future releases!

Published Sep 10, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags2d-platformer, agdg, Pixel Art

Install instructions

Simply unzip the package and run the executable, or download the standalone executable


Whimp the Bold (DDX).zip 14 MB
Whimp the Bold (DDX).exe 13 MB


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I only made it to the third level until the game glitched and I was unable to continue.

The concept is good, but I feel the execution could be improved a lot. There are a lot of smaller bugs such as getting stuck inside an opening in the first level if you possess into it, hit detection being a little wonky, and player movement not feeling quite satisfying.

I'm aware that you said that you made a lot of improvements since this was posted, and I'm happy to hear that you're still working on ironing it out.

I genuinely like the idea of possessing different enemies in order to progress through the level, but I ultimately didn't find the mechanic to be necessary for no other reason than additional health. I think if you create puzzles that require you to be a specific enemy, it would be more interesting.

Onto a more specific detail, I didn't feel that possessing into the projectiles to reflect them was a worthwhile idea. You get pushed too far back that you'll essentially go backwards, and the projectiles don't harm the enemies.

I think you can turn the idea into something really good- but the project needs a lot of work. Of course- this is not meant as an insult. I think once you can create good puzzles, iron out the bugs, and refine the player movement to feel more responsive yet smooth, I think the game will begin to take shape.

Take care and thanks for allowing me to play it and give my thoughts!