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[This is an old build, you're looking for https://attaboy.itch.io/whimp-the-bold]

Whimp the Bold Demo Day 11! The second demo ever (let's call it v. 0.11). Feedback greatly appreciated! Remember, it's an early pre-alpha demo, so there will be goofs, glitches, and gotchas.

Press escape to pause the game and read moves.

Left/Right - Move (double tap to run)

Space - Jump

Z - Absorb

X - Attack (if applicable)

Published Nov 08, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags2d-platformer, agdg


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Your game is evolving nicely!

The first thing I noticed however is that the player jitters when moving. I suspect this might be caused either by sub pixel movement or inconsistent sprite origins? It's very distracting and you should probably look into fixing it.

Did you tweak the levels since the last demo? They feel a little more smarter. I still don't think they make use of the enemy's abilities enough yet, but it's getting there. I also like seeing that you need to use Whimp's float once in a while. I suggest maybe only allowing Whimp himself float? It's be interesting because you would need to leave your protective shell in order to progress which might also help regulate pacing.

I posted this in the thread but I'll just copy and paste it here too: Also if I have FRAPS recording or OBS running, the game maintains 60fps, but if I don't, the framerate fluctuates between 50 and 51, causing a lot of timing related bugs and issues. Unfortunately I can't show you because if I record, the framerate goes back up to 60 and the problems are fixed. I've never seen Game Maker do this in regards to the fluctuating framerate, but it may be out of your control. Still might be worth looking into?

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but if you stand on top of a cannon, you'll still get hurt by it. Also I'd recommend destroying instances of cannon balls if they're off screen, as they can come and hit you if you don't move at the start of the level they're introduced in (forgot which one).

Oh and one more minor nitpick: There's something about using both the Z and X buttons along with space. My brain cannot comprehend both as it's like using two separate control schemes at once. Maybe use Z X C instead? Or maybe I'm just nuts? Probably the latter.

Also I hear those default FL Studio percussion instruments. You can't fool me! I kinda want to make fan music so I think I'll go do that.

Overall it's a good improvement and I love watching this take shape. Keep pushing on, Anon (sorry, habit)! You have potential!

I haven't seen jittering and the framerate issues on my end, but I'll look into it, thanks for bringing them up! I remade all the levels, though I can't say if they're any intentionally smarter. I definitely try to ease into learning new things with built-in tutorials, but I'm still pretty bad at level design. Learning as best I can though, there's not as many resources out there as for everything else!

The cannon bug is that the cannonball spawn with slight overlap in the cannon, it's an easy fix, thanks for pointing it out.

I also plan to hopefully have remappable controls by the next demo.

As for the music, I've the melodies and musical ideas, but I'm clueless in FL Studio! I'll keep working, I'd love to hear that fan music!

Thanks for playing and for the kind (and helpful) words. See you around!